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Player Development Program

Membership Packages

5280 Dynamic Athletes membership packages are a great way for players to enhance their basketball skills through our player development curriculum that is design to help each individual consistently improve in all skill sets in basketball.  The membership ensures that players are constantly being taught weekly with self workouts to build on every skill session.  We are looking for players that are committed to their development, hardworking, coachable, and  loves to compete.

We believe in the concept of building a house which requires that you have a strong foundation that is layered with cement an order for the house to sustain through the tough weather.  The skills that we build on are shooting, ball handling/dribbling, finishing, passing, defensive concepts, offensive concepts, and decision making.

What does being a membership consist of?

  • Film Breakdown
  • Player Development Curriculum that ensures that players are improving and building fundamentals, foundation, technique, and mechanics
  • Player Performance worksheet and goal worksheet to help guide players in the right direction towards their goal
  • 6 month commitment with a chance to renew (highly recommended)
  • Recurring charge every month
  • Sessions can roll over
  • Schedule sessions a week or more in advance

Cancellation and Refund Policy 

  • No refunds
  • Same day cancellations on scheduled sessions will not roll over and will be marked as complete session
  • You may cancel membership at anytime but any sessions rolled over will be terminated
  • Any emergencies will be reviewed