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5280 Dynamic Athletes

5280 Dynamic Athletes was started in 2015 based out of Denver, CO. We are a non-profit organization that focuses on the overall development of athletes while engaging in the community. Our goal is to provide athletes with the resources needed to be successful in their sport and/or life. In our sports program we teach players the true meaning of what it means to be a student/athlete. 5280 Dynamic Athletes builds character, establish discipline, boost leadership, and boost confidence/morale. We get the best results from our players because we believe in positive coaching alliance and also mentoring our players. Every drill and workout is specially designed to cater to players skill level and there age. There is a process that we believe in to ensure that we get the most out of each player rather they are just learning or playing at a high level. “Keep Striving and Persevere” is our motto here at 5280 Dynamic Athletes and with those words we will succeed together.

Mission Statement

  • We focus on players overall development both on and off the court
  • We establish discipline, build character, boost confidence/morale, and build leaders through our sports program and mentorship
  • In our program we strive ourselves on civic engagement
  • We encourage hard work, dedication, commitment, unity, and a passion in what we do from everyone that is involved

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have a state of the art facility where we can train athletes from all skill level and ages from amateur to pros. The organization looks to have a tutoring program, expand our nutrition program, sports psychology so players can have a full understanding of how important the mental mindset is for playing sports. We also look to have a club basketball team for both genders from 7-17 and to help them with the recruiting process. Our organization also looks to train collegiate level players, professional players with a pre-draft workout plan for our players that are looking to get drafted.

Core Values

  • Positivity & Passion
  • Perseverance & Facing Adversity
  • Desire & Work Ethic
  • Integrity/Character
  • Unity/Cooperation/Communication

Training services

Lessons and training programs designed for the individual athlete to excel.

From camps, clinics to customized group programs, we develop training to help you grow among your peers and excel individually.